Tips in repairing your damaged hair

Dry, frizzy and lifeless- these are the words that describe a damaged hair. Many Filipinas are guilty of doing wrong hair care routines that usually cause the brittleness in their own locks. Don’t deny it! With the fast-paced daily schedule of “kolehiyalas” and young professional women out there, majority of them get their hair done as fast as they can without thinking its consequences.

Fret no more, ladies! This is the perfect time to reclaim your crowning glory.


Know these useful beauty hacks that will surely help you to regain your healthy, smooth and shiny hair!


Take it with extra care


Dry and damaged locks are very fragile that’s why you need to handle it gently. Remember to use your fingers lightly when applying shampoo and other hair care products and wash it with lukewarm water. Instead of wrapping your hair with a towel, squeezing out the water gently and patting it dry softly with a towel is a safer alternative to prevent further breakage of your hair strands.


Avoid hot styling tools

Ladies, it’s time for you to ditcAvoid hot-styling toolsh temporarily your curling irons, hair straighteners and blow dryers. Believe it or not, heat can greatly wreaks havoc on your locks especially if it’s already damaged. You can switch to some alternatives by drying your hair with an electric fan or just let it dry naturally. If you do feel the need to use your hair styling tools, you may utilize it very sparingly.


Switch your brush to a combGirl combing her hair

Contrary to popular belief, brushes with plastic bristles can harshly pull out tangles which cause hair breakage. According to some hair experts, a wide-tooth comb is the best tool for untangling your frizzes. So if you ever find a comb resting on the table, then you should keep and use it.


Temporarily say goodbye to chemical hair treatments

Temporarily say goodbye to chemical hair treatmentsDid you know that dyeing, bleaching and perming can bring stress to your hair? So if you really are determined to bring life to your tresses, then you should postpone your appointment to salon.


Add some hair-care products in your grooming arsenal  

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Q10 Recharge ShampooSelecting the finest hair-care products that are especially formulated for damaged hair can be quite challenging. It is advisable to stick with shampoos and conditioners that include natural oils and herbs that will aid for a healthier hair growth. Thanks to Schwarzkopf Extra Care Q10 Recharge Shampoo, bringing out a deeply nourished hair is now made possible! Infused with coenzyme Q10 and a protein called Keratin, this shampoo stimulates thicker hair growth and strengthens hair roots from within! Getting a silky smooth and manageable hair is now easy as 1, 2 and 3.


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