A woman using a hair curler
A woman applying a matte lipstick
A girl with a damaged hair

Tips in repairing your damaged hair

Dry, frizzy and lifeless- these are the words that describe a damaged hair. Many Filipinas are guilty of doing wrong hair care routines that usually cause the brittleness in their own locks. Don’t deny it! With the fast-paced daily schedule of “kolehiyalas” and young professional women out there, majority of them get their hair done […]

Quirky Ways To Curl Your Locks

Quirky Ways to Have Curly Hairstyles

Every girl knows that curling irons are used for achieving wavy hair and flat irons are used for straightening locks. But what if glamorous curls can also be done with the aid of a hair straightener, a kitchen utensil and a pen? It may seem a little bit confusing at first but these things can do […]

How to Apply Eyeliner Based on Eye Shape

How to Apply Eyeliner Based on the Eye Shape

We all know that we are different from each other. We have different mouth, nose and eye shapes. That’s why a single tutorial of “How to do your makeup” doesn’t apply to all of us. For example, smudgy eye effect would look better on big-eyed woman but won’t do any good for a woman with […]

9 Beauty Tips For a More Beautiful You!