A woman buying beauty products

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Beauty products have always been one of the things that girls keep on their shopping list. It is a fact that the female species have their own special needs and this corresponds to their skin care routine. Unfortunately for some, it seems impossible to meet a gorgeous and flawless version of themselves since it may […]

Makeup Kit for Sale

Where to Buy Affordable Makeup Kit in Philippines

Cosmetics and makeup kits can be bought anywhere in the country; you can find them in all beauty stores at the mall, but have you considered buying complete makeup set from the internet? When you buy a makeup kit online, there will be no pushy sales ladies, you’ll have access to wider variety of beauty […]

Personal Care Products for Men
Goji Cream
Best Body Lotions
A woman using a hair curler
A woman applying a matte lipstick
A girl with a damaged hair

Tips in repairing your damaged hair

Dry, frizzy and lifeless- these are the words that describe a damaged hair. Many Filipinas are guilty of doing wrong hair care routines that usually cause the brittleness in their own locks. Don’t deny it! With the fast-paced daily schedule of “kolehiyalas” and young professional women out there, majority of them get their hair done […]

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These underrated lipsticks are now available at Goods.PH!

We all know that Korea has been the land of skin care products but do you also know that Japan has also a good reputation in the beauty industry? In fact, the land of the rising sun has been known on their famous cosmetic brands such as Shiseido, Majolica Majorca and of course, the cult’s […]

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